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Services for Adolescents

Adolescence is one of the most confusing and difficult developmental stages, both for those living it and those living with someone living it. For this reason, CHM Therapy offers Teens and their parents solutions and therapy to  address many common Teen issues.

Individual Psychotherapy is offered to help teens cope with a variety of life challenges and mental health concerns including Depression; Anxiety; OCD; ODD; ADHD/ADD; Behavioural problems; Emotion regulation; Fears; Social Skills; Separation anxiety; Post Traumatic Stress; LDs; psychosomatic complaints; Self-esteem; Distorted thinking; School problems; Aggression and Anger; Relationships; sexuality; and Safe technology skills.

Family sessions are also available for teens and their families. Some families find the teen sessions can help to bridge the growing generational gap and improve communication and understanding between all family members.  Families who are new to Canada or those from diverse cultures can benefit with navigating familial and peer cultural differences.


Photo-therapy is a unique and emerging form of creative therapy that involves the participants taking a series of carefully selected images from their world and analyzing their choices. this therapy works very well with Teens and can address issues of motivation, self esteem, self image, identify crises, and life planning. 

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