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CHM Therapy will be offering a variety or Parent Focused supports for those with children with Special Needs. Please check back soon for updates.

Parent Coaching and Support for children with Special Needs

CHM Therapy offers parent coaching and support for parents of children with special needs. These sessions can be in your own home or other locations, and generally are focused on helping parents to work with their own children. Using a variety of Therapy techniques including ABA, Verbal Behavior and  Natural Environment Teaching if appropriate, parents learn to identify challenges and teach skills by integrating the teaching into their everyday routines. 

This option is also available to help train support workers and instructor therapists on ways to integrate, SLP and OT goals into their daily programming.  

Call today to see how CHM can help you. 

Autism Supports - Coming Soon.

We are so pleased to have Karen Manning-Slocombe joining our team as a Family Consultant. With he changes to funding, many parents are lost in navigating the best way to use their funds to support their child. Karen is available to offer recommendations and parent coaching, recommending new solutions and treatment options for children and Teens with Autism and their Families.

Contact CHM Therapy Services to learn more or click below to email Karen and schedule a consultation session.

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