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Family Support

Family therapy looks at issues within families; the truth is that all families have challenges, because we cannot choose the individual personalities and experiences that each person will bring. All cultures talk of the importance of a happy family life but in reality, from time to time all families will struggles with issues related to how each member relates to the others. The focus of Family therapy is usually relational, helping members to integrate themselves in a new way, to communicate in a new way and to change and grow together through all stages of life. Family therapy recognizes two vital elements; in families, some roles cannot change and in families, problems are not individual issues or the fault of any one person, but rather a factor of the interconnectedness of the individuals in the unit.

Family Therapy can be helpful for families who are struggling with blended family challenges; Step parenting; Parenting after divorce; Sibling and family relationships; and Reconnecting parents and teens.

Please note that CHM Therapy does not currently offer couples/marriage counselling 

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