CHM Therapy Services

Therapy for your whole Family

Services for Adults

CHM Therapy offers a variety of therapy and coaching options for Adults. Individual Therapy Services for adults focus on the following issues:

  • Life changes
  • Generalized Anxiety and or Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Self Esteem
  • Relationship challenges
  • Aggression and Anger
  • Stress, 
    ...       and more.

Creative Therapies

Photo-therapy is a unique and emerging form of creative therapy that involves the participants taking a series of carefully selected images from their world and analyzing their choices. This therapy works very well with Adults and can address issues of motivation, self esteem, self image, identify crises, and life planning.

Vision Boarding is a way of identifying your wants and desires and yes, even your fears. This process can help adults to visualize what they want from life and to start reaching out to get it. 


Life Coaching helps adults and teens to set goals; manage stress; learn to relax; improve your body image; build your Self-esteem; navigate lifestyle changes; redefine roles such as becoming a parent, getting married, having children, retirement, etc.; Healthy Living; improve relationships; build healthy sexuality; and reduce isolation.

Parent Coaching and Support is available to parents needing help with child behavior management; positive discipline; Sleep strategies; Homework challenges; ADHD/ADD; Time management; Talking to children about death; Managing technology in your home; Sibling rivalry; New parenting; Managing children’s fears; Literacy promotion; Divorce; Parenting teens; School issues; and Developmental Concerns.

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